A thread 🧵on the wonderful zettelkasten Note-taking app called “The Archive”. After so much of prancing around, I feel I have come to my resting place as far as a note-taking app is concerned. I am using a zettelkasten note-taking app called “The Archive”.

These are my first impressions as I am just 30 days into my generous 60-day trial. So let me know if I have missed out on any outstanding features.

One of the best features is how lightweight it feels. Obsidian and logseq have started feeling bloated as they have an open API and are more adopted by the mass markets. The various plugins are gimmicks which slow down the apps and make them clumsy as these apps are not native. It is made in Germany and the two people who I know in the team are Sascha and Christian. While Sascha is social media shy, Christian is available at @ctietze

The website, forum and the app are available on http://Zettelkasten.de

Some Top Features

  1. The Archive is as close as possible you can come to replicating the Zettelkasten note-taking system digitally.
  2. Lightweight and fast (no plugin extensions, no fancy graph view No showoff.)
  3. Super Fast Keyboard Shortcuts. Quick Capture or Get the app in front. Reveal in the folder, generate a unique id, copy existing note id are all available via keyboard shortcuts. Open in default editor also available on a keyboard shortcut.
  4. Beautiful editor with typewriter mode. The text looks beautiful, and you feel like typing. The sidebar can be collapsed with command + control + S for focus mode.
  5. It runs the folgezettel numbering system which is native to the zettelkasten note-taking system. This makes sure that every note is automatically date stamped. Sequential notes can be added inbetween with suffix 1, 1a etc.
  6. Quick Capture - You can set a quick capture shortcut. For me, it is Shift+Control+Alt+T and captures your thoughts on the fly.
  • I often think what makes Obsidian so popular? while similar apps like “The Archive” not so popular? I think the naming of this app is its undoing. Literally, for the developers of the app, the name “Archive” probably makes a lot of sense. But come on!! “The Archive” is not really a brand name, It is a generic name for where we dump all stuff. However it ranks second for google searches, but I wonder what is their conversion via google searches. As people who search for “Archive” barely might know what zettelkasten is. Anyway, that’s my reasoning. What do you think? There is no mobile app as yet. But you can use any MD editor like 1Writer or ProEditor to open these files and work. Since all the files are available on the iCloud as they are local. The Archive will cost you around 19 USD + Taxes and comes with a very generous 60 days trial if you decide not to buy the app. You don’t need to do any complex migration as all files are stored locally. You can get the app here https://zettelkasten.de/the-archive/