A thread 🧵 on @amplenote - I revisited this app after a year. The reason being, they have introduced a forever free plan. If your note-taking system is chaotic then you should read this thread. Ample note I would say is an extremely ordered note-taking app.

The entire feel of the app is to bring order to your note-taking. Below I discuss some of its USPs.

So What are the features in @amplenote which make it unique?

Besides features that other note-taking apps have like bi-direction links, block links, tasks etc. Be;ow is a breakdown on how @amplenote is different from other note-taking apps.

Tasks with prioritisation and scheduling

In @amplenote all this is achieved within the app. The app used something like an Eisenhower Matrix to rate and schedule your task. The Algorithm gives you a score for each task depending on its importance and urgency.

The core philosophy is to get things done without leaving the app. Normally a person uses four or five apps for their workflow. Which accomplish the following - a) Note-taking, b) Tasks c) Prioritisation and planning. d) Scheduling. But in @amplenote - All this is accomplished seamlessly in a funnel-like experience.

I highly recommend you watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wspUsA32Z_8&list=WL&index=2 by @shuomi3 to get a complete overview of the app. But here is the breakdown.

It has an inbuilt calendar -

You can make as many calendars as the projects you are working on. All your tasks will sync with your calendar.

What’s the catch in the free plan? A periodic reminder to upgrade (could get irritating). You can check more about the free plan here - https://www.amplenote.com/subscriptions/new