I have been feeling extremely restless because of the way safari and chrome have been slowing me down. While chrome supports most extension, I was hard pressed to find some convenient keyboard shortcuts which safari had but chrome doesn’t have. Then again, I couldn’t get keyboard shortcuts for extensions to work on safari.

Also, the multiple workspace in chrome is a bloody mess! I never could get it to work. So I was trying other bookmark managers but they were not completely native and felt like fish out of water. Until one fine day I got my beta invitation to check out Arc Internet a new kind of browser from the Browser Company.

The Installation

  • The Installation was super smooth, within no time, without even noticing it, I see my safari tabs auto-filling and password synced to this new browser.

Built for Knowledge Workers

  • Now this tool seems to be have been surely built by someone who is in the PKM space, other wise why would they add a notepad, where you can draw, paste images and annotate. There is another notepad which supports MD. This is a PKM worker dream come true. A browser which support multiple workspaces, a white board type notepad and a plain text notepad. You then have the ability to pin your apps into folders or to favourite them for top of the mind access. All other tabs gets auto-archived, so no clutter.

I highly recommend you check out Arc Internet by the Browser Co, go join the waiting list here https://thebrowser.company/

ARC - A revolution is how computers are supposed to work

  • So I saw this video of Josh Miller the founder of [[The Browser Company]] where he artiulates the vision behind. I am excited. Check it out.

Screenshot 2022-08-15 at 2.10.05 PM.png

Just one thing I didn’t appreciate

  • I had signed onto my two twitter accounts from two different workspaces. But it by default remembers the last account you signed in. Which creates a bit of a friction when switching twitter accounts.

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