A thread 🧵(or a rant) - Are Note-taking tools innovative enough? Right now the note-taking developers are not innovating but just trying to capture a pie of the market.

A lot is being said about note-taking tools, they are also referred to as tools for thoughts . But do they serve the purpose of making you a better thinker? I am not so sure.

Note-taking tools are cluttered with connections. They might help discover connections. But do they don’t teach you how to think?

Frameworks or Mental Models Built into Note-taking apps

  • What frameworks or mental models to apply so you can validate or do you just keep staring at the notes you wrote a few years back and felt what a wasted effort. Note-taking apps are all copying each other. The master format seems to be Roam Research features like wiki links and backlinks applied to a whiteboard or note-taking apps. Obsidian is not even a note-taking app but just a connector of text files. Ref - https://austingovella.medium.com/why-its-hard-to-get-started-obsidian-s-not-really-a-note-taking-app-75bafbebf6f3

  • All note-taking apps are trying to innovate by making rediscovery of notes organically or with AI. But the critical thinking part is left to the user.

  • I would like to see some frameworks to be applied to current note-taking apps.

  • Frameworks like Scrum, OKRs, Cynefin, theory of constraints, Northstar should be built in so the user can process their project notes with a particular framework and make progress on their projects.

  • I see this should be the next iteration for developers to work on once the market of connected notes gets saturated and demand stagnates, which I feel is already happening.