Finally, after gazillion years of waiting for the new hot PKM tool, someone shared an invite with me. I was elated, and tana didn’t disappoint from the moment I logged in.

It hardly feels like a beta app, as the UX is very polished.

Tana Inc

What impressed me the most

Somewhere I read that Tana is like the third-generation outliner, the first being workflowly, followed by Roam research with wiki links and backlinks, and tana now being an outliner with a database.

Note — I am still a noob to tana, but below are the few things which impressed me the most.

The outlining feature

Immediately I realized this was one of the smoothest outliners I had come across. It felt great using it.

The supertag feature

The supertag feature is a tag on steroids; basically, you can create a set of fields associated with the tag. E.g. When you create a tag called a #person. You can customize the fields for that tag, like images, addresses, URLs, etc.


You can have multiple workspaces, so there is no chaos. That is the only hierarchy in tana, all else will get populated below the workspace.

Multiple Views

You can view your content as a list, table, or card. However, it is missing the infamous graph view, I wonder why they didn’t include the graph view.

Automatic Programming of queries

If you want to search for something, the quick access command + K will bring up all the commands you need to execute your query.


The pricing page says that currently, tana is free to use as it is still in beta, and they would let all users know at least 45 days in advance (which is an excellent policy, I remember roam research pretty much pulled the plug in a week?). The pricing is 10 USD per month or 100 USD per year, which feels competitive.

Pricing page -

If they implement PPP (purchasing power parity) pricing for developing countries like India, I would be rather pleased.

A word about support

I got coherent answers to all my queries on their slack community.

Best Free Resources to Learn Tana

The best place is obviously the tana help center. But I found the search missing there.

I am running a microblog at where I list all the people offering free and paid tutorials.