Image Issue

  • There is problem with images uploaded locally as assets. The export should create a asset folder which doesn’t happen sometimes. I tried to manually drag the image to the asset folder for Github but still the image doesn’t display. So I am currently hosting my images on this blog else where, which adds a bit of friction as an additional step to my publishing workflow.

  • Screenshot

image issue

  • Updates

    • This issue has been resolved on 16th August 2022 by Aryan Sawhney but with every Logseq update this bug comes back. I hope logseq get it’s shit together and stops breaking the images in my site. Till then, I am hosting images elsewhere so the images don’t break. In case you see missing images in any blogpost, logseq is to blame.

    • Aryan Sawhney has informed me on discord that the logseq team is working on a new API for images and this image issue will be once and for all resolved once the same is implemented.