There are two ways to go about improving your life. One is a Goal-oriented way, and the other way is a process-oriented way.

Processes can alternatively be understood as systems.

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So, should you chase goals or improve processes?

You use the GOAL method when you have a plan, end date, and resources. But sometimes, there are routine areas of life, like improving health, keeping your house clean, and monitoring your diet and nutrition; you need to approach this with a process-oriented mindset. This is because there is no end goal for health or areas like home maintenance

How to improve your processes

Improving processes is a continuous process, one of the reasons it is continuous cause it is complex. It is pretty subjective. You need to record your actions and see whether it has improved your processes. You need to see if something worked in the past, then why isn’t it working in the present?

Thankfully the keepmoments journaling app is designed to do precisely that; it is a daily note-taking journal built to improve these processes with no goals. Of course, this is my vision; the app’s founders might disagree with me on the same. It even lets you bookmark highlights (which they call an index) of those special moments in which you achieved something or were critical in improving your processes.

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