Here are the apps I use for my writing. Writing is a multi-step process and not one single work, so unfortunately no single app does it all.

Typically writing consists of the following steps

  1. Note-taking
  2. Outlining and Writing
  3. Editing
  4. Revising (if possible)

Below I describe the steps and why I use these apps. In case you have any app suggestions on replacing them, do leave the recommendations in the comments.

1. Note-taking

Note-taking is the recording of the insights and thoughts which come to you as you are thinking about your problems. I jot it down in “The Archive” if I am on the mac, or I use 1Writer or Metion on my iPad or iPhone.

  1. Metion:Markdown Notes for iPad on the App Store
  2. The Archive (macOS) • Zettelkasten Method

Note -Here I am assuming you have highlighted and made notes from your research and reading. I am talking about post-research apps which are more focused on writing apps only.

2. Writing and Outlining

I then move to Writex for outlining and writing my drafts. Writex gives me vertical columns where I can compare my text in columns (side by side) and then work on polishing the same. It has even a wiki area which automatically highlights and connects important words which you have elaborated in your wiki.

Check out my complete review of Writex here - Writexio - An Editor with super powers

Note — Now writex is a new app and has bugs. . The developer’s email is bouncing back and neither does he bother to reply on Twitter.

3. Editing

Now I would like to revise each sentence one by one. I write in MD so I move the content to Stackredit where I switch to HTML view and use a code in my MD document to break my paragraph sentence by sentence to view them in each line.

Screenshot 2022-07-25 at 9-09-42 PM

I then copy-paste the final MD output into “The Archive”. I use the find and replace all features to remove all the line breaks, all at one go.

4. Revising

This is a luxury as I am well past my submission deadline but Writex also provides readability and spelling. Grammarly is also doing its work to ensure that I don’t make silly typos and grammar errors.

You can also use an app called **essay *which will help you do this if you are ready to shell out 6$ per month.

I use essay app for important ghost blogging essays where I know I am getting paid to write. It is an excellent app which helps you write out several versions of your sentences and then add them. I think that is the corner stone feature of the app. Also you can drop paragraphs via very nifty drag and drop interface.

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