Permanent Note is a large note, which explain an insight or an idea in detail. It could be your understanding of an article or a book you read. It is basically summing up in your own words an article, book or an idea.

We create permanent notes by reviewing what we have written in fleeting notes and in our literature notes. So the input is the literature notes and the fleeting thoughts that we have had, and the output is the permanent note.

Sönke Ahrens who wrote the best selling book “How to take smart notes” says,

The productivity of a knowledge worker should be tracked by how many permanent notes you produce a day.

The rules for writing a permanent note are the following

  1. One atomic idea per note. The rationale behind these rules is simple. First, you want one idea per note because these are building blocks.
  2. Express the idea, clearly assuming the reader does not have context. You want to assume that the reader doesn’t have any context, and this is because you are trying to make the system future proof.
  3. Connect them with the other notes in your system. Each note is a building block where you can rearrange and connect with new ideas, old ideas, things that seemingly are not connected. So you want to be able to remove complexity and be able to rearrange these ideas.

Check [this video to learn about the zettelkasten note taking system , I highly recommend you watch it.