Lex.Page is google docs on steroids. Will it make note-taking defunct? Lex uses GPT3 to generate texts when you hit the “command + enter” or the plus sign (+) three times in a row at the end of a sentence.

Every concept you want to know is available at the click of a button and gets inserted into your document; not only that, it writes text like a human who seems subjective without sounding opinionated.

It uses the last sentence before you hit the AI prompt and the content of the entire document before the sentence to generate text.

The text is good to use and helped me overcome writer’s block.

It has an AI Title generator.

If you don’t resonate with the title of your article, the AI assistant will suggest alternative titles, which is super cool.


A ChatGPT3-like assistant

It also has a command to ask questions, just like ChatGPT3 built inside the document. 0*qFAwnUx9amZfCDeC

Sharing and Collaboration

With Lex Page, you can also share the document without the hassle of complicated permission sharing like google docs. You can enable editing rights if you want to collaborate.


Who made LEX PAGE?

Every.to created Lex Page, which is a media publishing company.


Will this tool make note-taking absolute?

The purpose of note-taking was ultimately to develop your thinking, and thinking is writing in motion. AI-based writing assistants like @lexdotpage will reduce the amount of note-taking needed is what I feel now.

Have you used Lex? What have been your impressions? I would love to know