A thread 🧵 on New discovery in the Note-taking apps space for fleeting notes only. [Hints]( Hints is my current hot favourite app for fleeting notes. I have completely stopped taking literature notes and permanent notes except whatever I read goes into Readwise.

I feel permanent notes and literature notes are for specialists. People who dig down deep into a subject. I am a generalist and I wear too many hats. But I use Hints mostly for personal solo projects.

  1. [Mem](For work-related stuff, I love using mem. It is according to me one of the blazingly fast tools for capturing information. It has a global shortcut to capture stuff from anywhere on your mac.

It also integrates with SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram and email. So all you need to do is forward stuff to mem bot and then connect the notes which are in the inbox. They have recently launched an iOS beta app which is super nice,

and I think they are now taking surveys on Twitter to see what pricing to adopt. We are all undergoing subscription fatigue, So if the pricing is out of my comfort zone, I might ditch it and work with hints, as hints does all the thing mem does except wiki links.

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