I had never really used tables inside a MD note, until I realised I am turning 50 next month and it is high time, I get organised and start writing down my daily expenses but I wanted to incorporate them into my note-taking routine rather than go about opening an Excel file or some special purpose accounting software.

I find the Excel kind of program so inconvenient unless they provide an embed code into markdown files, which as per my knowledge only Writer – iA has content blocks which convert any CSV files into MD tables. Check this thread for some examples.

So instead of struggling with Markdown like this you can just use the table flip app and insert tables into your MD notes.

What is Table Flip

TableFlip - Simple Table Editor for Mac is a handy piece of software developed by Christian Tietze.

When I was looking for a way to conveniently add tables to my markdown notes. I discovered it and now the lazy me, instead of learning MD uses this app to quickly turn tables into MD notes or insert tables into my daily note-taking.

Screenshot 2022-07-22 at 12-36-35 PM

Note - The tables render very well if your MD app supports Multi-markdown. I use this excellent free MD app, you can get it here - MarkText · GitHub

Where to get it?

A simple program to get MD tables into your MD notes. You can buy it here it costs about 12$ with taxes.

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