Writex is an incredibly powerful all-in-one editor which is currently free to use. Read this thread if you are not satisfied with your current writing and editing app.

What does it do?

Like all editors, it does spell check and readability. But what makes it stand out to me is its unique layout style. You can create an outline and then you can lay out your drafts, revisions and final output side by side in vertical columns and compare them. You can hide/unhide these columns if you are in a focus mode and just writing.

Screenshot 2022-07-26 at 11-54-24 AM

Another awesome feature is its wiki feature. You can add common terms in your text into the wiki (which is another column) and the editor automatically links these words to the text. This means you as an editor always have enough context about the word or term used while writing your draft.

Then you have the private comments on any part of the text and public annotations.

Note, I don’t think the software yet supports multi-user editing, but the public annotations feature seems to be a step in the same direction.

There are some issues however

Since it is a side project and free, the developer’s emails seem to be bouncing and the contact form on the website doesn’t work. The developer hasn’t responded to any of my feedback on Twitter yet but has liked one of the tweets. So, there is hope 😄

Get Writex if you have the following problems with your writing workflow.

  1. You want to compare all your version in columns
  2. You want an outliner
  3. You want the editor to have inbuilt grammar, spelling and readability scores.
  4. You want to leave annotate/comment on your drafts.
  5. You can bear with a developer who works silently and doesn’t reply to bugs.

Get it here Writex.io is an editor with superpowers

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